A few of the top rated monuments in London to visit

No visit to London would be complete without checking out these tourist attractions. Discover more about the spots you need to see during your vacation here.

No trip to London is complete without viewing the Houses of Parliament and just across the river, the London Eye. As recognizable to London as the renowned statue is to New York City – the attraction is among the most photographed places in the United Kingdom’s capital city. While people have come to view the big wheel as a enduring fitting on the skyline, the structure was initially fashioned to be short-lived and was kept due to popular demand. A visit or "flight" on the renowned wheel is frequently at the top of lists featuring the top 50 things to do in London. Don't forget to snap a photo of the attraction, or better yet, get someone else to take a shot of you with it in the back ground. After your little culture adventure, why not go to some of the impressive restaurants opening in the city, such as the highly fashionable ventures masterminded by Russell Norman?

London is a huge and stimulating city with many possibilities of things to see and do. In fact, the amount of options can be relatively overwhelming. One of the greatest London experiences is a trip to the well-known museums. Located in famous places like Trafalgar Square, which deserves a visit on its own, the museums hold some of the most stunning and brilliant art on display in all of Europe. As an added benefit – access to so many of these museums is completely free. Once your time with the spectacular artwork has come to an end, be sure to take a quick stroll to close by places which feature an assorted blend of dining, shopping and nightlife options. A wonderful idea once there is to spend an evening appreciating the live music being performed at the jazz club owned by Sally Greene.

London is a splendid and energetic place. With an awful lot to do in the big city, it can be quite a task trying to decide just what to integrate in your schedule. If you are looking for one of the best things to do in London, then a stop at the famous palace is something you definitely must do. The Palace is not only spectacular but quintessentially British too. It features many photo possibilities and pretty much all your friends and family will want to know if you got to enjoy it when you get back home. Once you are done there, why not soak in some culture and watch a nearby live show of a couple of the very popular musicals, produced by the likes of Jill Furman, currently being executed in London's West End?

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